Active, Disciplined Account Management

We support a comprehensive investment management offering to meet the specific needs of our clients, who range from individual to institutional investors, from family offices to foundations.

Active Account Management

Our experienced team of portfolio managers actively manages accounts to take advantage of opportunities as financial markets and economic trends evolve. While our goal of maximizing growth and minimizing volatility remains steadfast, we seek investment solutions that reflect the ever-changing marketplace and meet our clients' dynamic investment goals. To make our investment decisions, we use both technical and fundamental analyses and consider the impact of economic cycles.

Disciplined Investment Management and Monitoring

From initial portfolio construction to monitoring, our investment approach is deliberate and dynamic. Our portfolios are built with strict buy/sell disciplines and are proactively rebalanced based on evolving client objectives and our fundamental outlook on individual securities, investment markets and global economies. We monitor portfolios through fundamental market changes, routinely assessing new market information in the context of historical norms as part of a long-term strategy. In addition, teams overseeing each investment management strategy periodically review the individual portfolios to ensure they are strictly adhering to their set guidelines and strategic objectives.

Investment Management Styles

Municipal Fixed Income

The municipal market, with 1.4 million issues, offers managers myriad ways to customize portfolios to preserve capital, grow principal and provide competitive tax-free returns. We invest primarily in defensive, intermediate bonds, emphasizing very high quality and reduced interest rate risk.

Taxable Fixed Income Market

With the goal of preservation of capital and long-term growth of principal and income, we invest primarily in bonds with intermediate maturities to maintain consistent returns and a conservative risk profile.

Short-term Investments

This short-term investment strategy is designed to simultaneously provide principal preservation, liquidity and tax-efficient total return for cash reserves for individuals, corporations, public funds, endowments and pension plans.

Large Cap Equity

In addition to considering factors influencing the global and domestic markets, we focus on stocks with accelerating profits, unit growth, relative pricing power, high or improving margins, and companies with strong positions. We select investments with the most opportunity based on a client's objectives and risk tolerance.

Income Advantage

This strategy seeks to offer a balanced single investment solution to conservatively generate income with added potential for capital appreciation. Our balanced account structure generally allows for tax efficiency and customization, utilizing a blend of liquid investment grade taxable or municipal bonds, with high dividend yielding stocks and ETFs.

Value Opportunities Equity

This strategy seeks to employ a bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy with a goal of identifying equity securities trading at prices well below their intrinsic value. We believe our key advantages include portfolio concentrated in our highest conviction names, flexible investment mandate, long-term orientation and an ability to hold cash until the market presents opportunities.

Balanced Asset Management

Our balanced portfolios combine equity and fixed income to deliver long-term growth and income while minimizing risk and tax liabilities. Guided by a client's asset allocation, portfolios feature a blend of stocks and bonds.