Portfolios for
Dynamic Investors

Our clients range from executives planning a secure retirement, to families looking to preserve their assets for future generations, to businesses and foundations seeking expert investment advice. Our individualized and personal approach of separate account management appeals to investors from all walks and at every stage of life.

A Commitment to Customization

At Appleton Partners, we do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all investment plan or strategy. Instead, we create personalized programs shaped around each client's evolving needs for liquidity, income and tax efficiency. Our portfolio managers meet with clients to understand their financial goals and tolerance for risk, then prepare an investment plan suited to their situation. Once the portfolio is in place, our team monitors and evaluates its performance, weighing the financial consequences of transactions on an ongoing basis and making appropriate adjustments.

Integrated Planning

We are proactive in collaborating closely with our clients' external professional team to ensure that the investment plan we develop supports their overall financial outlook and lifestyle. We also partner with a team of trusted third-party experts with extensive experience in their fields and in working with us to meet the distinct needs of our clients.

Consultative Communication

Our commitment to clear, consistent and relevant communication is a cornerstone of our client service approach. We believe that the more informed clients are about their investments and the investment world, the more confident they will feel about their financial future. We meet with our clients to review their portfolios, help put quarterly performance reports into context, and make adjustments as their financial circumstances change. We support client relationships through access to senior portfolio managers. In addition, we provide industry perspective through candid market commentary on current economic and geopolitical events.