True to Our

Appleton Partners was founded on the same principle it follows today: the best approach to achieving a client’s specific investment objectives is through separate account management. We align portfolio parameters with well-defined goals and maintain a consistent, highly-disciplined investment philosophy and process that emphasizes quality, liquidity and tax efficiency.


We believe your clients are more likely to reach their goals with a portfolio that reflects their personal needs and circumstances. That’s why we seek to incorporate individual tax situations, risk tolerance, asset exposures, and income requirements to the extent possible.

Not Products

Managing separate accounts affords us an ability to tailor solutions around unique client objectives. That’s a key element of the investment partnership we offer registered investment advisors and financial advisors.

Active, Disciplined

Markets are dynamic, so we make it a priority to maintain the flexibility needed to prudently react to changes in the credit, interest rate and yield curve environments, all the while maintaining investment process discipline.