Appleton for Advisors

We provide more than investment management solutions. Our goal is to be a true partner in the growth of your practice, one that understands the demands of building a wealth management business. For more than 37 years, Appleton has preserved and grown investor capital; today, we manage over $12.6 billion, the majority of which is entrusted to us by financial advisors.

True to Our

Since Appleton’s founding in 1986, our portfolio managers have weathered differing economic environments, and helped guide multi-generational client relationships.

We’re committed to maintaining our clients’ trust by offering financial planning and investment strategies that address multidimensional needs and long-term objectives.


We believe your clients are more likely to reach their goals with a portfolio that reflects their personal needs and circumstances. That’s why we seek to incorporate individual tax situations, risk tolerance, asset exposures, and income requirements to the extent possible.

Solutions, Not Products

Managing separate accounts affords us an ability to tailor solutions around unique client objectives. That’s a key element of the investment partnership we offer registered investment advisors and financial advisors.


Active, Disciplined Approach

Markets are dynamic, so we make it a priority to maintain the flexibility needed to prudently react to changes in the credit, interest rate and yield curve environments, all the while maintaining investment process discipline.


Clients deserve more than just portfolio management. We aim to deliver personalized, risk-efficient solutions aligned with clear investment objectives.

Gregory A. Lally

Senior Vice President / Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Separate Account Solutions

Separate account strategies allow us to tailor client portfolios to tax needs and risk profiles, thereby enhancing our ability to optimize outcomes.

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