What We Do Revolves Around You

We believe that private client services should be objective-based. For you to achieve your financial planning and wealth management goals, it’s critical to first define them, and then find a true partner to engage with you along the way. Appleton Partners takes pride in the strength and durability of our client relationships.

A central tenet of successful wealth management is the commitment to build a long-term, trusting relationship with every client.

Kelly C. McKernan

Senior Vice President / Portfolio Manager

Proprietary Analysis

Rigorous fundamental analysis, complemented by macroeconomic and technical insights, create the foundation for informed investment decisions. Through qualitative insight and deep proprietary research, our team seeks to uncover attractive investment opportunities aligned with the goals of each portfolio strategy.



Our investment process emphasizes quality in bond analysis and stock selection. It is our belief that maintaining a high-quality orientation helps preserve client capital and enhance long-term portfolio risk-reward characteristics.


The Value of Liquidity

We believe liquidity creates an ability to realize value and efficiently adjust portfolios in dynamic markets. All our strategies emphasize high quality liquid securities, which helps enhance portfolio flexibility and mitigate risk.


Dynamic Discipline

From initial portfolio construction to ongoing management, our investment approach is deliberate, disciplined and dynamic. Our portfolios are built with strict buy/sell disciplines and incorporate diversification aimed at minimizing issue-specific and structural risks.


Portfolio Oversight

We proactively monitor portfolios and rebalance investments based on evolving client objectives, security-specific outlooks, and our view of investment markets and global economies. Portfolio managers overseeing each investment strategy regularly engage with financial advisors and private clients, while leveraging integrated portfolio management systems that help ensure adherence to client and strategy guidelines.


Tax Efficiency

Tax sensitivity is an important component of a well-rounded investment strategy. We customize and manage portfolios in a manner that seeks to create tax efficiencies at the individual account level, and use a variety of strategies and tools to help manage tax implications and enhance after-tax returns.


Risk management is integral to wealth management. Our investment process never loses sight of the fact that we’re managing client assets, not just securities.

Anson C. Clough, CFA, CFP®

Managing Director / Fixed Income

Our Research

Our proprietary research efforts are integral to our ability to deliver sound, trusted portfolio management.

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