Built With Experience, Tailored to You

Customized wealth management is just that: investment solutions built around your life, family and personal goals. We are a Boston-based wealth management firm that operates with a belief that client needs differ and deserve individual attention.

1. Get to Know You

Our portfolio managers meet with you to understand your financial situation, goals and risk tolerance.

Get To Know You

2. Customize

We then prepare an investment plan tailored to your needs.

3. Monitor and Adjust

Once the portfolio is in place, our team actively monitors investment performance, market conditions, and progress toward your goals, making appropriate adjustments on an ongoing basis.

Monitor and Adjust

The size and structure of our firm facilitates clear, quick, and consistent decision-making. This is an integral element of our research and portfolio management efforts.

Geoffrey D. Chamberlain, CFA

Senior Vice President,
Director of Portfolio Management